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    CBD is not just another supplement. It is a compound that jumpstarts the most important regulatory system in our body - the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This ECS supports and takes over when the Immune System is overwhelmed. Did you know that we make our own CBD and THC through this ECS? Did you know that CBD is the ONLY molecule that feeds this very important system? Western medicine has pharmaceuticals and surgery in their tool belt, I have the ECS.
    All Green Alley CBD comes from the hemp plant, therefore there is no THC or psychoactive effect. Green Alley's CBD products are considered dietary supplements and are legal everywhere (unlike dispensary CBD).

    I've helped clients get off their opioid addiction, reverse their PTSD, reduce chronic pain, anxiety, gut issues and much more. When we strengthen the ECS, we can begin to heal and even reverse disease. Some clients and conditions I've helped: athletes, pre/post surgery,Tourette's, Autism, MS, Parkinson's, IBS. Additionally, I believe in ''Food as Thy Medicine'', thus I give talks on Food, Inflammation, Anxiety and Sports Performance, Recovery and Injury.

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